Dedeman Holding | Message of President

Dedeman Holding


The shared spirit that comes from the combination of our traditions, experience, and the values we believe in, and our innovative and pioneering identity...

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, who lived the challenges of the Turkish War of Independence and witnessed the establishment of Turkish Republic, takes his Kemal name after his huge admiration of Atatürk. Our valuable Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, adopt Atatürk’s innovative vision for Turkish Republic to his life and he keeps up to age. He valued honesty more than anything and express how much he bonded to traditions and family ties by saying “I have not left home without kissing the hand of my mother nor taking her blessing, not even once”. We try to develop Dedeman Group, which our beloved father build on the solid foundation, by following his steps.

Today, our operations in our main fields tourism and mining extend from all across Turkey to abroad.

The common spirit that emerges from the combination of the strength that comes from our traditions, experiences, the values we believe in, and our pioneering identity, connects us as the Dedeman group and our company together.

Our long-standing reliability, quality-oriented sense of work, respect for nature and environment, competent management systems, and institutional production are our most important resources. The main principle that shines a bright light on all works is to grow by maximizing the benefits of our country, our customers, our employees, and our partners by creating income and employment, and continuing to be a reliable brand at home and abroad.

We unconditionally believe that our group will continue to succeed in the future thanks to the ongoing restructuring efforts that are in line with the corporate governance principles, and that it will grow and develop, and will be inherited by the future generations.

Murat Dedeman