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Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has been serving its guests for over 50 years with a rare quality concept unique to Dedeman...

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has been serving its guests for over 50 years in the most beautiful areas of its host cities with its professional staff, wide service spectrum, and a quality concept that is unique to Dedeman.
 Dedeman Hotels all across Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Turkey welcome their guests with the “Traditional Dedeman Hospitality”.

We invite you to one of our hotels to experience the spirit of the region you’re visiting, and discover the “Traditional Dedeman Hospitality”.

Dedeman Group started its tourism activities in 1966 and is currently providing services in Dedeman İstanbul, Dedeman Bostancı, Park Dedeman Bostancı, Park Dedeman Levent, Park Dedeman Eskişehir, Dedeman Palandöken, Dedeman Palandöken Ski Lodge, Dedeman Konya, Dedeman Şanlıurfa, Park Dedeman Trabzon, Dedeman Zonguldak, Dedeman Tokat, Dedeman Elazığ, Dedeman Oskemen, Park Dedeman Denizli, Park Dedeman Gaziantep and Dedeman Erbil. With the incorporation of Dedeman Erbil which opened in 2013 and Dedeman Oskemen which opened in 2014 to the chain, Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International now serves with 17 hotels in total at home and abroad with the “Traditional Dedeman Hospitality”, and is one of the most long-standing hotel brands and Turkey’s first international hotel chain. Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International is proud to be Turkey’s first hotel chain that developed its second hotel brand by opening Dedeman Park Denizli in April, 2012.

Dedeman has also displayed its leadership in Turkish hotel management via several different hotels in Palandöken, Rize, Diyarbakır and pioneering the tourism in such regions.

Besides the Dedeman hotels that display the natural beauties of Turkey for summer tourism, there are two prominent ski hotels for winter tourism. With its Palandöken and Palandöken Ski Lodge hotels’ ski tracks which are approved by the International Ski Federation, Dedeman hosts countless local and foreign winter sports fans.