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Openness, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and creativity...

Our aim is to meet the need for qualified manpower to carry our Group's objectives by keeping our place among the "most preferred companies to work with" in the sectors which the Dedeman companies operate by promoting openness, teamwork, entrepreneurship, productivity, and creativity.

Human Resources Goals

To ensure that our employees gain a common point of view in achieving group goals within the framework of corporate culture,

To keep the local and foreign customer happiness at the forefront in planning, implementation and evaluation of human resources functions,

To be able to meet the needs of qualified personnel required by our growth and development goals,

To develop and strengthen organizational capacity by increasing human quality,

Coordinating group-based personal efforts in achieving business goals,

To provide employees with training opportunities to adapt to organizational changes, increase their performance at work, and to meet the level of competency to meet their future responsibilities in parallel with their career planning efforts,

By creating a coordination between the company's future goals and the employees' individual goals, creating opportunities for horizontal or vertical mobility within the organization by equipping them with the competencies required by those positions that the employee may undertake or assume in the future.


You may choose the “General Application” to apply for a job in Dedeman Holding and its affiliated companies. Your application will be pre-assessed when we receive your resumé. If your qualifications and the requirements for the job you have applied for overlap, you will be contacted shortly.